Château d'Ardennes
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Château d'Ardennes produces both dry white and claret wines. The dry white wines represent nearly 30 acres of the estate (11 ha). It is mainly made with 60 % semillon grapes - the traditional Bordeaux white varietal that you can find on both sides of the river Ciron - 40 % sauvignon. Our old white vines have been planted on the higher end of the estate (70 m), on the deepest gravelly soils, providing our wines with minerality and enough structural acidity to age. Gravels are ideal for a perfect drainage, hence no excess water reaches the plant. The exposure enables an early ripening, hence a controlled aromatic expression of the varietals and an early harvest that avoids the early autumn mists which would bring unwanted botrytis otherwise.
As for the red, it is produced over 60 acres (24 ha) of gravel, chalk and clay sediments. The traditional Bordeaux varietals are used for this claret: 45 % merlot, 42 % cabernet sauvignon, 10 % cabernet franc and 3 % petit verdot. Cabernet Sauvignon thrives on deep well-drained gravelly soils providing it with freshness whereas Merlot appreciates chalky clay soils bringing volume and silkiness.

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